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Program Benefits

Program Benefits


Program Benefits

Program Benefits

The field of medicine and medical practice requires the use of computers for support in information processing, decision making and records keeping.
The 22-day IT 4 Doctors training program was developed to address the growing demand for doctors to learn and share the influence of information technology. The success of the applications in health is dependent on the level of computer use by health professionals.

Clinical practice has been vastly improved by the technological interventions and a new and fast growing field of applications called health (or medical) informatics.
Computers are being used to manage patients at a distance (telemedicine), to manage hospitals and their patients’ records and to search and retrieve relevant information for research and assist in clinical decision making.

The Internet provides an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionise medical education, bedside decision-making, patient records and communication between professionals and patients.
IT 4 Doctors program benefits:
  •  Hands-on practice sessions.
  •  Learning facilitation by professionals in form of interactions, assessments, and collaboration
  •  Explored and represented information dynamically and in many forms
  •  Became socially aware and more confident
  •  Communicated effectively about complex processes
  •  Became independent learners and self-starters
  •  Worked well collaboratively
  •  An increase in writing skills
  •  Using IT to streamline record keeping and administrative tasks, thereby helping to free up time for instruction or professional development.
  •  Decreasing isolation by using e-mail and the Internet to communicate with colleagues, patients, and the outside world.
  •  Search for the best available content relevant to your practice
  •  Patients use the Internet for medical information leading to unrealistic expectations, doctors can discuss the pateints information and reservations with confidence.

After completing this course, you will emerge as a confident and versatile user of Information Technology.

  •  You should have a keen desire to learn Information Technology
  •  You should be a Health Care Professionals.
Admissions process - How to Apply

The doctor/professional should fill up an application form which is available at Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association office and office.

Your application form will be reviewed by member of Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association and you will be informed accordingly.
301, Lloyds Chambers II, 409, Mangalwar Peth.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +91 20 41209666

Course Duration

Course Duration – 22 days
Lecture Hours – 3 hours
Lab Hours – 8 hours (one computer to be shared by two people)

To explore all the benefits of the program contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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