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What we do

What We Do

What We Do

Our strong belief in ”Knowledge in Public Domain‘ has led to the development of IT 4 Doctors an initiative by Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association and

IT 4 Doctors is a professionally developed designed to help Health Care Professionals from around India to get the most from Information technology (IT) and Innovative technologies.

During this eight–day program participants will get a hands-on experience using with basic computer hardware and software applications. In today’s day and age, web technology is used all over the world for better delivery of Health Care, learning about innovative instructional strategies, latest resources and developments which can be shared and discussed with colleagues, across boundries. On completion participants become IT 4 Doctors Certified they can then share what they learnt with others in their local region, be it villages or suburbs.

The program provides the tools needed by health care providers to effectively deliver Health Care, stay connected and updated, express views and come together to interact and share knowledge irrespective of geographies.

Highlights of the program include:
  •  Introductory session covering the benefits of being IT and Internet savvy. Allaying anxieties and busting pre conceived notions. Explaining issues around IT and Internet 1 session
  •  Quick overview of hardware/software and infrastructure. Also covering Internet access using mobile and tablets. Highlighting advantages of Netbooks etc. 1 session
  •  Concepts of applications (software programs) browser, operating system etc 1 session
  •  More details on office productivity suites with emphasis on word processing and presentation programs and briefly explaining the use of spreadsheets for financial record keeping 3 sessions
  •  Laying the foundation for actual diving into using IT and Internet (demonstrating how to get started) 1 session
  •  Use of Internet for searching, communication, collaboration 3 sessions
  •  Use of social media, access to CIMS/MIMS online 3 sessions
  •  Concepts of digitalizing, tele-health, EMR etc. 3 sessions
  •  Practical application of learning and enrolling in IT4Doctors Community to form a Community of Practice. 3 sessions
  •  Overview of health portals and their utility 2 sessions
  •  Intel's work in IT for healthcare 1 session
  •  Total of 22 sessions of three hours each = 66 hours of complete training.

An initiative by   Intel Healthcare IT Professionals