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Who we are

Who We Are

Who We Are

IT 4 Doctors is an eight-day program where participants will get hands-on experience in basic computer hardware / software applications and other web technologies. This knowledge will be helpful in better delivery of Health Care. Doctors will learn about innovative instructional strategies, receive resources to share with colleagues, and engross themselves in an innovative Health Care environment. Upon completion, IT 4 Doctors participants become IT 4 Doctors Certified, and then can share what they have learnt with others in their local region.

The program provides Health Care Professionals with the tools they need to effectively deliver Health Care, communicate with people around the globe, stay connected and updated, express views, come together and interact to share and enhance knowledge irrespective of geographical boundaries.


Aarogya means wellness or well–being and that is precisely what the site strives to contribute towards. is one of the leading Indian health portals. Health portals are not meant to be an alternative to doctors but to complement them and provide various support services. By virtue of its popularity amongst the Internet fraternity, aarogya lends itself well to disseminate healthcare information. Aarogya is ideally suited as a tool for brand building. Aarogya’s depth of 10000 pages covers a broad range of topics, from alternative medicine to latest allopathic and diagnostic practices.

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About Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association

Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association was established in 1995. It was initially founded by a group of dedicated doctors in Dhanakawadi & Bibwewadi. Over a period of time the association extended beyond the boundaries of the city, hence it is known as Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association.

Bibwewadi & Dhanakawadi Medical Practitioners Association was established in mid 90s. This entire area was not all that developed with medical facilities. The association’s area of work was approximately in that vicinity and included Katraj. Over a period of time as the population increased, education, industrial growth took place. This increased the number of general practitioners & related medical service providers.

In last 15 years, the growth of the organization has been phenomenal. From just a few enthusiastic members to more than 500 vibrant members, joined up in different pockets of Pune city & district as well. The dynamic, intrusive and energetic leadership with great imaginative constructive ideas and positive approach emphatically led the organization to be on the medical map of Pune.

The Association participates in various activities for the benefit of medical practitioners as well health related issues of the common man.

The health campus of 14 Ward Offices of the Pune Municipal Corporation, many school health camps, initiative of doctor’s protection act & association’s active participation in the management of swine flu outbreak, was highly appreciated by Ministry of I & B, Govt. of India.


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