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IT4Doctors (Information Technology for Doctors)


Pune, Friday, March 25, 2011

IT4Doctors is an initiative to help healthcare professionals get comfortable with using IT and Internet to enhance their effectiveness and increase their ability to communicate and collaborate.

The initiative is aimed at empowering doctors to embrace IT for healthcare.

This has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of healthcare delivery and contributes to society as a whole.

IT4Doctors is initiated by the leading health portal and is been supported by Pune, Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association, Indian Medical Association and Intel

The seminar was conducted @ IMA hall on Friday, March 25, 2011 from 2:30 to 5:30 PM. Approx 125+ doctors attended the seminar and showed interest in adapting IT and Internet to deliver healthcare more effectively.

Dr. Ambrish Shahade (President, IMA, Pune) in his speech said IT4Doctors is going to help doctors like him and others to harness the benefits of using IT and the Internet. IT4Doctors will help us use IT the way we use the mobile phone, the automobile and the other technologies that have made our lives easier and more productive.

Renowned doctors like Dr. Devendra Shirole (Vice-President, IMA, India), Dr. Prasad Rajhans (Pioneer of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), India), Dr. Dilip Jagtap (Deputy Medical Officer, Health Department, PMC), Dr. Dilip Ghule (Maharashtra State President, NCP Doctors cell), Dr. Madhusudhan Zawar, Dr. Pradip Patil – expressed their views on embracing IT for healthcare and appreciated the involvement and dedication of Dr. Rajendra Jagtap (President, Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association) and Dr. Vijay Warad (Secretary, Pune City & District Medical Practitioners Association)who helped in designing IT4Doctors course from point of view of a General Practitioner as well as Specialist.

Mr. Tushar Sampat Director of appealed the healthcare professionals to use portals like and its features to connect with healthcare seekers, disseminate information, and stay connected with their colleagues through aarogya’s health community.