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How Social Media Can Help Doctors And Patients

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By Louisa YS Chan
Social Medical For Doctors

Would you want frantic patients to be able to find you in emergency situations? If so your clinic / medical center would need to show up when and where your patients are looking for you!

I did a recent presentation for doctors and medical professionals on what doctors can and should use to be more accessible and visible on line. After all we work closely with doctors and medical professionals at all major milestones of our lives!

As patients, we want to be able to find trusted doctors wherever we happen to be; whether it is at an known part of town that we have just moved into or when we are on vacation and having fun.

While doctors are professionals who observe strict regulations on advertising and promotion, there are perfectly acceptable avenues for in-bound marketing that are effective and acceptable to the local medical council.

I have included the slides we used at the conference. If you were there you would recall the discussion – and some fun we had with Jackie Chan.

If you were not there, these slides may not make perfect sense but don't worry. If you would like to have a more complete picture of how doctors can tap into social media than you could get a report here. This is a brand new report that I have not shared anywhere else, until now.

Content discussed includes the following:-
  • How To Double The Effectiveness of Your Online Presence
  • How You Can Easily Rank On Google Local
  • How To Catch the 40% of Patients Leaving Your Competitor
  • and more

If you want more online visibility and accessibility and to help those looking for you urgently then this report will be relevant and helpful to you. Read through and let me know your feedback. It is good to have comments from you so we can make this even more clearer.

Slides/Notes On How Doctors Need To Use Social Media Today:

Oops, the above will not play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches. I have included the embed to make a point – not all platforms are Apple friendly and the vendors will need to catch up! If you like to have the deck of slides just contact us and I will send them to you.

We did not have enough time to talk about getting mobile ready although we did touch on it. Suffice to say, Google is now pushing and helping businesses to get mobile ready. In the next year or so, businesses will do well to get their website mobile friendly, m-commcerce ready and to start generating traffic using mobile platform.

I hope you find this report useful and practical. If you have any questions just post them at the comments below or post them at the Synergy Marketing Pro Facebook Page and I will be responding with a video or a blog post.

For more regular helpful resources that save you time and give better productivity, feel free to join us at the Synergy Marketing Pro Business Page. And if you like to have more information here's the complete social media for doctors guide.

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